Checkerboard Loach


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Checkerboard Loach

The checkerboard loach is named after the checkerboard pattern along a long narrow body. Also called the checkerboard sand loach, this active and very friendly pet fish like to dig in the substrate and look for food. Thought the fish grows to nearly four inches this loach will get along with nearly every member of a community fish tank. The narrow head looks a bit like a horse, and if a couple of these are in the tank together they tend to pal around. Hardy but not good for temperatures higher than 80 degrees, the checkerboard sand loach will eat prepared and frozen foods.

  • Scientific Name: Nemacheilus masyai
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Lifespan: 7 Years
  • Max size:  4 inches
  • Food: frozen, pellets, flake
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 1 1/2 to 2  inches


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