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Who We Are

Arowana Fish Vendor is the main exporter of various types of Arowanas, varieties, We are capable, approved, authorize and able to handle bulky and milky supplies with guarantee Specialists In Premium Freshwater Fish, Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. Each arowana fish is equipped with Micro chip and certificate to comply with CITES (Cites Permit Available ).We ship Arowana fishes to any part of the country (USA, Canada & Australia) without any problems being encountered because all our fishes have all Documents and cite permit, so can be transported to any part of the country (that is USA, Canada And Australia . We will provide Signed copy Bill of Sales and safe delivery of your fishes and if anything happens to the fishes as they get to you, send us a picture immediately and have a replacement or 100% refundable of your money within 24hrs.