Afer Knifefish



Afer Knifefish

The afer knifefish is caught in small streams in Nigeria and gets shipped at about 6 to 7 inches in size, but these exotic aquarium species will grow to 30 inches over time and live 20 years. The African afer is also called the pom pom knifefish and reticulated knifefish for a very pretty pattern that develops when the fish gets to about 12 inches. This African oddball  is a great addition to a larger species aquarium and will tolerate similar size species. The fish prefer a tube or cave to call home, and will eat small live feeders and blood worms. These knifefish can transition to frozen foods, but make sure you have a source of live feeders if you have trouble with frozen foods.

  • Scientific Name: Papyrocranus afer
  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Lifespan:  20 years
  • Max size: 30 inches
  • Diet: Live black worms, frozen or freeze dried, small live feeder fish, shrimp
  • Shipping Size: 6 to 7 inches

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