Automatic Water Level System


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Automatic Water Level System


Ever wish you did not have to top off the water level in your fish tank? Now you don’t, the Nano ATO Auto Top Off System will top off the water every time the level drops to a preset point. Just connect water tubing from a hidden reservoir – it could be a simple 5 gallon bucket, to the top of the aquarium. The optical level sensor will do the rest.

Features and Operation

  • High water, low water, and water shortage indicator light
  • When a water shortage is indicated, the pump will turn on and pump water tot he high water level.
  • Secure mount fits five gallon to 280 gallon aquariums.
  • Accurate and reliable optical sensor will not overflow tank.
  • Kit comes complete with connection tubing, optical sensor, pump and instructions. You just need to find a suitable water reservoir.


  • Digital Sensor senses and instructs water flow to within 1/8 inch of desired water level
  • Small pump fills at 75 GPH and pumps up to seven feet high for easy placement from water reservoir to fish tank


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