Bicolor Goatfish


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Bicolor Goatfish

Bicolor Goatfish inhabit all levels of the coral reef in the Western Pacific, from just below the surface to 40 meters down. They look a bit like a goat with the beard like appendage (hence the family name). The body is rusty red and white and yellow. Also known as the dot dash goatfish, there is a black dot to go along with the white bands. Goatfish are relatively new to the hobby, but fast growing in popularity. The bicolor goatfish need plenty of swimming room. Goatfish have a high metabolism and should be fed four to five times daily.

  • Scientific Name: Parupeneus barberinoides
  • Max Size: 10 inches
  • Origin: Fiji, Indo
  • Diet: consist of fresh or frozen meaty preparations
  • Shipping Size: 1 1/2 to  4 inches

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