Big Eye Catalufa


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Big Eye Catalufa

Rarer than the Popeye Soldierfish, The Popeye Catalufa Soldierfish, also known as the Bigeye Soldierfish, features burnt orange to red color with several white highlights. Despite the name “soldier” this oddball aquarium fish is quite peaceful. The dorsal fin has a feathery appearance and the other fins are marked in dark black at the ends. The Bigeye Catalufa is an interesting aquarium species. Juveniles are shy and will hide by day whereas adults are more bold and will swim in the open areas of an aquarium. The Catalufa is gentle to most tankmates but does like to eat small species like ornamental shrimp. Only Bigeye Catalufa Solder should be kept per aquarium.

  • Scientific Name: Pristigenys serrula
  • Origin: Costa Rica
  • Max Size: 7 inches
  • Diet: feeder shrimp should be used to entice this fish to eat. The diet should vary between live feeder shrimps, freeze-dried shrimps, chopped marine meats.
  • Shipping Size: 3 to 6 inches

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