Black Ribbon Eel


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Black Ribbon are the same species as blue ribbon eels, so both these fish are often just called “ribbon eels”. Some eels will live up to ten years in an aquarium, but ribbon eels are a challenge. Eels can be a challenge to keep due to their ability to escape aquariums. Keep a tight fitting lid or light diffuser panel on the tank. Be careful when feeding as Eels eyesight is not the best. They may accidentally (or not so accidentally) bite your hand. We recommend the use of feeding tongs instead of using fingers. A bite from an Eel can cause a serious bacterial infection. It is important to clean the wound area well and immediately seek medical help if you see any signs of redness.

  • Scientific Name: Rhinomuraena quaesita
  • Max Size: 50 inches
  • Diet: diet that can consist of small feeder Fish, such as Mollies, and live inverts, such as Shrimp, Krill, Crabs along with a diet of various meaty preparations enriched with vitamins.
  • Tank Size: Require 60+ gallon tank
  • Shipping Size: Varies, approx. 20 inches

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