Black Tip Starfish


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Black Tip Starfish

The Blacktip Starfish or Red Starfish has tiny black dots on its reddish surface. The tip of each of the arms are black.The Blacktip Starfish is a colorful addition to a reef or friendly fish system. Keep in a well-established tank with thick sandy substrate and live rock ; excellent water parameters are critical for this delicate starfish. More than one can be added in larger tanks. Starfish can be harmed by rapid changes in water quality, copper-based medications and aggressive fish like puffers and triggerfish. It very important to acclimate using the drip method.

Starfish will feed on waste, small organisms, invertebrates and algae in the rock and substrate. Also supplement their diet with small minced meaty foods such as clams, squid and shrimp.

  • Scientific Name: Fromia monilleporella
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Shipping Size: 2 inches


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