Blue Spotted Rabbitfish


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Blue Spotted Rabbitfish

The Blue Spotted Rabbitfish is actually a yellow fish but the species gets more and more blue spots as it ages. Rabbitfish are reef safe but will grow to one foot in size. Also, caution is required when handling rabbitfish due to their venomous dorsal fin.It is a very peaceful species except when housed with other rabbitfish. The Blue Spotted Rabbitfish may be housed with more aggressive fish and can be kept in pairs. Its predators will tend to leave it alone because of its venomous dorsal spines which it can raise when disturbed. Care must be taken when handling this fish to avoid the possibility of being stung by its venomous spines.

  • Scientific Name: Siganus corallinus
  • Max Size: 8 inches
  • Diet: fresh vegetables and algae. This fish also has a tendency to nip at soft corals.
  • Required Tank Size: 120+ gallons
  • Shipping Size: 2 to 3 inches

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