Colt Coral


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Colt Coral

This coral features small colonies of finger-like protrusions with slippery-to-the-touch body. It is very easy to maintain and looks great in a reef aquarium making it one of the best suited corals for beginner and expert aquarists alike. It is best housed with moderate to high lighting, and strong water movement. As a prolific grower, the Colt Coral may need to be pruned. The clippings can be easily attached to pieces of live rock creating new colonies. The Colt Coral will also greatly benefit from element supplements and carnivorous feedings. This is one of the most popular types of soft coral in the trade.

NOTE: sometimes the Colt Coral secretes a protective mucus coating, it is advised to rinse in saltwater before adding to the tank.

  • Scientific Classification: Cladiella Sp.
  • Diet: micro-plankton, brine shrimp, or specifically designed foods for filter feeders.


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