Demasoni Cichlid



Demasoni Cichlid

Demasoni are beautiful and curious fish, continuously exploring the nooks around the aquarium. They only get to 4” so they are a good fit with other mid-size and smaller cichlids. Slow growers and a bit more difficult to breed, they are priced accordingly. Demasoni are distinguished by the bold reflective blue vertical stripes along the entire body of the fish. Small samples of these can be found at Petsmart for as low as $9.00 for a 1/2 inch fish, but we believe superior breeding and better size will improve the aquatic experience. Hence a bigger fish at a bigger price.

  • Scientific Name: Psuedotropheus demasoni
  • Origin: Lake Malawi
  • Lifespan: 8 years
  • Max Size: 4 inches
  • Food: Flake, live, frozen
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 1 1/5 inches


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