Dennerle Complete 10 Gallon Aquarium


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Dennerle Complete 10 Gallon Aquarium

10 Gallon Aquarium Complete for Creating the Small Planted Fish Tank
Like the T2 Model, this glass tank has a low and deep profile perfect for aquascaping. This panoramic aquarium has an improved depth effect that is lower and deeper than average dish tanks. The continuous front corners offer a better view. The kit includes a cover panel with a finger hole and heat insulating safety underlay. And by the way, both the T1 and T2 are the same tank in case you ask, just the packaging differs.  Dennerle’s idea, not ours. This aquarium is featured on for $169.99!

Dennerle Model DE-T1

  • Compact slim-line build – Dimensions 10 inches high, 16 inches wide, 14 inches deep
  • 12 first-rate power LEDs
  • Excellent grow light for aquarium plants
  • Top quality aluminum casing
  • Stainless steel mounting rods
  • Horizontally (max. 3.94 in.) and vertically (max. 7.09 in) adjustable
  • 6.500 K, 500 Lumen, 21 V, 5.5 W
Dennerle Nano Bio-Filter:

  • Large surface area for bacteria filtering
  • Shrimp and crayfish safe
  • Customizable water flow
  • Filter outlet rotates up to 90°
  • Easy to use and clean
All aquariums are shipped same week ground UPS, and cost only $18 to ship anywhere – regardless of location.  (except Hawaii and Alaska – special rates apply)


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