Dwarf Glass Fish


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Dwarf Glass Fish

Known as the Indian glassy fish, Indian glassy perch or Indian X-ray fish, is a species of freshwater fish. These classic clear schooling fish never get large and eat flake foods and get along with other fish in a peaceful community fish tank. Glass fish prefer to swim in a school of three or more, and are more apt to swim in the middle of the tank than hide in the corner if they have school mates.

Some hobbyists have converted this species to brackish water aquariums but they do well in 100% fresh water. Once it was popular to die these fish with different bright colors and sell them as “painted glass fish”. This was harmful to the fish health and AquariumFishSale.com only sells native healthy glass fish, unpainted.

  • Scientific name: Parambassis ranga
  • Origin: Asia
  • Max Size: 2 inches
  • Food: flake, small pellet
  • Shipping Size: 3/4 to 1 inch


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