Green Pavona


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Green Pavona

Pavona are commonly referred to as Cactus Corals as several of their growth forms resemble cacti. They are a fast growing SPS Coral and can quickly form a large colony from a single frag. They are considered one of the easiest SPS corals to care for. These corals form thin plates as branches that are covered with polyps giving it a fuzzy appearance. Its color varies from shades of light and dark brown to green with cream or white margins. They have a fluorescent glow that can be seen beneath the polyps, giving these corals an interesting look.

  • Scientific Name: Pavona Decussatus
  • Origin: Indo, Fiji and Tonga
  • Diet:  Micro-plankton or brine shrimp when the tentacles are visible
  • Care: Strong water flow and moderate high lighting
  • Shipping Size: 2 to 6 inches

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