L-034 Medusa Pleco (lot of 3)


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L-034 Medusa Pleco

The L034 Medusa Pleco is named for the numerous barbs that come out of the snout like the snakes on the head of the mythical Greek Medusa. In this case there is no need to chop off the plecos head, it cannot turn anyone into stone. But this fascinating pleco will turn a fish tank into a delightful wonder. Medusa plecos are caught in fast moving stream in Brazil and are good scavengers but do require frozen foods and sinking pellets.

  • Scientific name: Ancistrus ranunculus L-034
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Lifespan: 12 Years
  • Max size:  8 inch
  • Food:  Frozen, sinking pellets, blood and black worms
  • Shipping Size:  Medium approx. 2 inches, large approx. 4 inches, Show 6 to 8  inches


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