L-56 Chubby Pleco


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L-56 Chubby Pleco

Chubby plecos come from rocky streams in Brazil and earn their name. Even their scales are fat and wide. The chubby pleco may change color in the aquarium, this species can alternate between gold and black colors.  In fact golden chubby plecos cost about ten times more than the chocolate ones! Our chubby plecos will most likely remain a solid chocolate color, so they wont make you rich, but they might make you happy.

The pleco is peaceful and not known to be a big disrupter of plants and other “aquascapes”. Chubby plecos only grow to 8 inches and do require algae wafers a couple times a week.

  • Scientific name: Parancistrus aurantiacus
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Lifespan: 10 Years
  • Max size:  8 inches
  • Food: Pellet, wood, scavenger
  • Shipping Size:  3 to 5 inches


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