Longspine Urchin, Black


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Longspine Urchin, Black

Black Longspine Urchin, also known as Long-spined Sea Urchin, has a body which is predominately black with a red eyespot in the center. The spines on these urchins are long, thin and completely black. They are a very delicate looking urchin, which are actually very capable of protecting itself. These urchins are excellent algae controllers for an aquarium housing aggressive fish.Black Longspine Urchin will hide during the day and only come out at night to forage for food such as algae and seaweed. These urchins are an excellent algae controller for an aggressive aquarium where other invertebrates would be eaten.

  • Scientific Name: Diadema Setosum
  • Famliy: Diaematidae
  • Origin: Indo, caribbean and FIJI
  • Approximate Size: 1 to 4 inches


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