Majestic Angelfish


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Majestic Angelfish 

The Blue Girdled Angelfish, also called the Majestic Angelfish, has yellow scales with blue margins and a dark blue band, or girdle, that covers the face and extends backward. The girdle is highlighted with neon blue margins. This angel is one of the easier angelfish to keep. The Blue Girdled Angelfish is not a good reef dweller, being prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles. It generally will not harm small-polyped stony corals and somewhat noxious soft corals.

  • Scientific Name: Pomacanthus navarchus
  • Family: Pomacanthidae
  • Diet: Spirulina and marine algae, meaty items such as mysis shrimp, and high-quality angelfish preparations containing sponges.
  • Required Tank Size: 180+ gallons
  • Shipping Size: 2 to 6 inches

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