Michael Pistol Shrimp


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Michael Pistol Shrimp Also known as Bullseye

The Bullseye Pistol Shrimp is one of the most stunning in appearance. The body is bright yellow-orange and the claws, legs and antennae are bright purple. Although they are also sometimes known as “Michael’s Pistol Shrimp”, the name Bullseye Pistol Shrimp comes from the white-ringed black spot on the middle of each side. This pistol shrimp is another that doesn’t usually form a bond with shrimpgobies. Some may share a burrow with some shrimpgobies, but they aren’t as reliant on the bond as other pistol shrimp and will often live on their own without a goby and may leave a pair at any time. This species also tends to be more active and will venture further from home and more into the open than others.

  • Scientific Name: Alpheus Soror
  • Family: Alpheidae
  • Food: Freeze-dried and frozen foods and bottom feeder tablets, as well as scavenge for algae in the aquarium.
  • Shipping Size:  3/4 to 1 inch


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