Needle Nose Gar


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Needle Nose Gar

The needle nose gar, or needlenose gar, from Indonesia is an outstanding predator and does not outgrow the fish tank. These predator fish have long snouts and small teeth and feed on feeder guppies, ghost shrimp, black worms, and other live foods. Not to be confused with the giant longnose gar, the needle nose gar is perfectly suitable to any mid-size and large aquarium.

Needle nose gars may be kept with other larger species and mid-size fish and they are not aggressive to each other.

  • Scientific Name: XENENTODON CANCILIA
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Lifespan: 8 years
  • Max size: 10 inches
  • Food: live, frozen, flake
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 4 inches


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