Orange Spotted Rabbitfish


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Orange Spotted Rabbitfish

The Orange Spot Rabbitfish, also called the Orange Blotch Rabbitfish (not as sexy) is an unusually colored fish with  silver with orange or rust colored spots. Rabbitfish are good for fighting caulerpa, hair algae, bryopsis, valonia and red turf algae. Rabbitfishes are relatively peaceful and will not likely harass other peaceful tankmates. As juveniles, Rabbitfish will frequently school but become more aggressive as adults as they establish their territory.
You should be cautious when adding this animal to a reef aquarium as it is noted it may occasionally nip at large polyp stony corals as well as soft corals. Diet includs krill, shrimp, squid and similar food.

  • Scientific Name: Siganus vulpinus
  • Origin: Indonesia, Vanuatu
  • Lifespan: 5 years
  • Max Size: 9 inches
  • Food: Algae and Zooplankton
  • Approximate Shipping Size:  Medium 2 inches, Large 3 – 4 inches


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