Pictus Catfish


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Pictus Catfish

The Pictus Catfish, more specifically the Pictus Angelicus, is a beautiful sleek  catfish from the Columbia jungle with a white body and black spots and very very long whiskers. Pictus only grow to rive inches but the whiskers also grow to nearly five inches. These peaceful catfish do have a little venom in their barb which can feel like a bee sting so handle with care.

Pictus were introduced to the European aquairum trade in the late 1890’s and got their name from the Latin word for “painted” referring to the irregular spotted pattern.

These are peaceful catfish but might eat small tank mates like exotic shrimp and small rasboras.

  • Scientific name: Pimelodus pictus
  • Origin: Columbia
  • Lifespan: 8 years
  • Max size: 6 inches
  • Food: Frozen, live feeders, pellets, everything
  • Shipping Size: 2 inches to 3 inches


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