Pink Margarita Snail


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Pink Margarita Snail 

One of the most sought after home reef inhabitants. This is because they can consume large amounts of algae, including nuisance hair varieties. Plus, unlike some snails, Margarites pupillus is non-venomous and peaceful towards corals, invertebrates, and other tankmates. Also known as the Stomatella Limpet, Little Margarite, and Pearl or Pearly Topped Snail, the Margarita Snail has a brown body and smooth, turban-shaped shell and may grow up to 1″ as an adult.

Keep in mind that the Margarita Snail will starve if algae levels become sparse. Therefore, supplement their diet with dried seaweed. To feed, use an algae clip or wrap the seaweed around a rock or empty shell and place into your aquarium, next to the glass.

  • Scientific Name: Clibanarius diguetti
  • Origin: Eastern Pacific
  • Max Size: 1 inch


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