Red Goniopora Coral Frag


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Red Goniopora Coral Frag

Jewel Red Goniopora is often referred to as Flowerpot, Daisy coral, ball coral, or sunflower coral. It is not overly aggressive but space should still be provided between itself and other neighboring corals, its polyps can extend far past its base into the reef aquarium where it can sting other species of corals. Also comes in other colors, clownfish will often be found in association with the flowerpot coral and play in its polyps if no anemone can be found in the tank. Goniopora/flowerpot require addition calcium, strontium and other trace elements to the water.

  • Scientific Name: Goniopora sp.
  • Care: Waterflow strong and lighting
  • Diet: algae and zooxanthellae
  • Shipping Size: 2 inches


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