Red Lips Snail


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Red Lips Snail

The sexy red lips snail doesn’t look like anything special from the top, but through the glass the snail have ruby red lips which can be seen kissing the tank all over. Like all nerite snails, the red lips snail does not overrun the fish tank and the aquarium snails only grow to about one inch at full maturity. Nerites do well in most water conditions except for pH below 7.0.

These attractive snails do not get bigger than an inch and we recommend several for algae control in larger tanks.

  • Scientific Name: Neritina sp.
  • Origin: East Africa
  • Lifespan:  3 years
  • Max Size: 1 inch
  • Food: Frozen, Algae and Detritus
  • Shipping Size: Approx. 1/2 inch


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