Red Serpent Starfish


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Red Serpent Starfish

Red serpent star also known as Ophioderma squamoisissinum., features long, serpent-like arms that allow them to move very quickly for a starfish with a vibrant red coloration. They are excellent scavengers that will feed mainly on decaying matter and plankton. Like most starfish, if they lose an appendage it will regenerate along the central disc. The Serpent Star will spend much of its time along live rockwork and will come out most often at night. They usually should not be housed with feather dusters as they can eat them.

  • Scientific Name:Ophioderma Squamoisissium
  • Famliy: Ophiodermatidae
  • Origin: Caribbean,Tong, Fiji
  • Diet: small pieces of chopped meat, shrimp, mussel, or fish.



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