Siberian Spiny Loach


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Siberian Spiny Loach

The Siberian spiny loach, also called the Siberian tiger loach, is caught in the wilds along Southern China and Taiwan. Not only is this loach politically adaptive – thriving in communist China and capitalist Taiwan, the Siberian spiny loach is personable and active. This loach does well in the aquarium and if kept in small groups of three or more will thrive. Water temperature needs to be under 80 degrees however, and the Siberian spiny loach can tolerate temperatures into the high 60s. The loaches will pair up when they reach adult stage, females are larger, about 4 inches, males about 3 inches. Like most loaches in the fish tank, they will swim along the bottom and middle zones of the aquarium and feed on food that sunk to the bottom.

  • Scientific Name:  Cobitis sinensis
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Lifespan:  5 years
  • Max size:  3 inches


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