silver arowana for sale

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Silver arowana for sale

Buy Platinium Silver Arowana the Best of Quality that you will always love. So natural to keep up and deal with and it sizes run from 6-15 inches. Because of its Hybrid cause, it is a fairly fascinating variation as it will show the shading White has shockingly better shading, scale, and stunning body. It’s the most costly Arowana on the planet.

Buy Gold Head Arowana

It will not matter what color, gold or silver or what kind of Arowana fish you take care of.  The benefits of luck, wealth and health enhancements in the lives of the occupants of the place where it is put are equally the same no matter what.  Of course, market forces try to brand or level up the Arowana trade by defining pricing psychology differentiation with color such as red or even blue Arowana as more and most expensive, respectively, businesswise.  But feng shui-wise, they all have the same objectives and bottom-line results.  Best though to start with silver color for the Arowana feng shui neophyte to learn the basics!

Buy Asian Red Arowana

We have been doing delivery to many countries and it has always been a success so why not you?

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4-6 inch, 8-10 inch, 12-14 inch


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