Star Sapphire Cichlid



Star Sapphire Cichlid

In the aquarium trade most star sapphire cichlids are bred by domestic breeders and sold to AquariumFishSale and other aquarium retailers, Wild star sapphire cichlids are rare. Actually, bred star sapphire cichlids are rare. This cichlid is known for small white reflections like the gem of a sapphire, and the body is a deep blue. The star sapphire cichlid has a disposition similar to peacock cichlids and can be kept in a community African cichlid tank.

  • Scientific Name: Placidochromis phenochilus or Phenochilus tanzania
  • Origin:  Malawi
  • Lifespan:  10 years
  • Max Size:  7 inches
  • Food: Flake, pellet, frozen
  • Shipping Size:  Small Approx.1 1/2 Inches, Medium Approx. 2 inches, Large 3″ to 4″

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