Sunburst Anthias


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Sunburst Anthias

Fathead Sunburst Anthias is a colorful fish, predominantly pink, with heavy yellow-to-orange scale margins and facial markings. Pectoral and anal fins are fringed in blue.The Fathead Sunburst Anthias prefers to live at the bottom of the tank, so the deeper the better, but still maintain plenty of surface area for proper water oxygenation. An environment of low-to-moderate light with lots of hiding places is ideal. It is best housed with peaceful tankmates such as gobies. If keeping more than one, it is ideal to introduce all anthias at the same time.Anthias species all share the trait of being hermaphroditic. If a dominant male perishes, the largest female of the group will often morph to take its place.

  • Scientific NameSerranocirrhitus latus
  • Origin: Fiji, Indonesia
  • Max Size: 5 inches
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Required Tank Size: 70+ gallons
  • Shipping Size: 1 to 3 inches


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