Tiger Shovelnose Catfish


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Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

The Tiger Shovelnose Catfish has a classic sleek body with broad tiger stripes and they will grow to two feet in the aquarium over time so this fish should be kept only with larger species.

These are beautiful catfish with a long flowing body and are caught in the upper Amazonian basin of Peru. These fish come in pattern variations from spotted to striped depending upon the stream they are caught.

  • Scientific name: Pseudoplastystoma fascitatium
  • Origin: Venezaula
  • Max Size: 24 inches
  • Life span: 12 years
  • Food: Live feeders, scavanger, sinking pellets
  • Approx. Shipping Size: Small 2 to 3 inches  Medium 3 to 4 inches Large  5 to 6 inches


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