Vampire Shrimp


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Vampire Shrimp

The Vampire Shrimp looks like something that could eat your baby but these are the gentlest creatures in the aquarium. These shrimp are wild caught in Nigeria and live in rocks where they filter out debris from the water for food. The vampire shrimp, or filter shrimp, is the World’s largest freshwater filter shrimp and will not harm any other species. The scientific name gobensis is from Gabon, where the shrimp was discovered. There are plenty in the wild so please don’t fret, we are keeping a fisherman in business and helping sustain a local natural economy:)

Despite there pleasant disposition these shrimp can handle even aggressive fish tanks if they have a place to hide.

  • Scientific Name: Atya gobensis
  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Lifespan:  7 years
  • Max Size:  5 inches
  • Food: Detritus 
  • Shipping size:  1 to 2 inches


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