Yellow belly dogface puffer


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Yellow belly dogface puffer

Yellowbelly dogface puffer is commonly referred to as the Golden Perch, Callop and Murray perch. The Yellowbelly dogface puffer makes a captivating addition to a home aquarium. The Yellowbelly dogface puffer thrives well in a moderate temperature range and is mainly carnivorous in nature that feeds on shrimp, molluscs and smaller fishes. The Yellowbelly dogface puffer is an excellent angling species, and always be careful while handling the fish around the gill plates as it contains couple of razor sharp plates along the edge that can inflict painful wounds if comes in contact. The Yellowbelly dogface puffer also has spines in the front part of the dorsal fin that makes it even more risky to handle. The Yellowbelly dogface puffer prefers slow water speed with turbid section of streams that makes it comfortable in the tank.

  • Scientific Name : Arothron Nigropunctatus
  • Shipping Size: 4 Inches


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