Yellow Multibanded Pipe


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Yellow Multibanded Pipe

Yellow Multibanded Pipefish is a type of reef pipefish or flagtail pipefish. This fish is a stronger swimmer than its seahorse cousins and rarely comes into direct contact with the substrate.The Yellow Multibanded Pipefish has a long, slender body with a tiny, tubular mouth and an oval, flag-like tail. The body is yellow with bright red to maroon vertical rings from head to the tail. The tail is bright red with a white tip and yellow dot in the center. Yellow Multibanded Pipefish is difficult to keep due to its unusual feeding requirements. It normally prefers to eat only live copepods in a mature reef aquarium with plenty of live rock or macroalgae. An ideal diet to start this fish on is Nutramar Tigrio Bottled Live Copepods, and vitamin-enriched live baby brine shrimp, however, live baby brine should not make up the majority of its diet.

  • Scientific Name: Doryrhamphus Pessuliferus
  • Origin: Indo-Pacific
  • Max Size: 7 inches
  • Food: AlgaGen ,Arctipods,baby brine shrimp,Copepods and worms
  • Approximate Size: Medium 3 inches to 4 1/2 inches


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