Japanese Dragon Eel


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Also known as the Dragon Moray Eel, Hawaiian Dragon Moray Eel, and the Dragonface Moray Eel, is a menacing moray eel species found in the Pacific Ocean. Their bodies are mosaics of red, yellow, black, orange, and white markings all over their entire body. Their faces are the most intimidating feature of this specimen. They have incredibly large mouths and sharp teeth coupled with what appears like horns atop its head. Truly a living dragon in the aquarium. Dragon Moray Eels require specific tank conditions to thrive. They can reach up to 24 inches must be kept in a large tank of over 150 gallons that have a tightly secured lid to prevent potential escapes. The tank must also have rock work cavities large enough to accommodate the entire length of the eel inside.

They are coral safe, but must not be placed with small inverts or fish that can easily fit into their mouths, as those fish will quickly become prey and should only be kept with large tank mates. Sometimes in the early weeks of their introduction to the tank, the Dragon Moray may not eat at all, this is normal. Because of their poor eyesight, you should never attempt to hand feed the Dragon Moray as they may bite.

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  • Scientific Name: Enchelycore pardalis
  • Origin: Japan, Pacific Ocean
  • Max Size: 36 inches
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Shipping Size: 12 inches


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